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What materials are used to construct padel courts?

Padel, sometimes referred to as padel tennis, has gained huge popularity  in Ireland since  2021,  padel  is a racquet sport played on a smaller court than a tennis court, with walls  (made of glass)  surrounding the inside playing area.  There is a big run now on for padel  courts to be  built in Dublin, as  the game is  currently  oversubscribed with players  we have more players than courts in Ireland, and it is for this reason that some players have put their padel rackets away due to the frustration of not getting  a court booking.    PCI was formed to help bring those padel players back on the courts by supplying more courts in the country.  

1- Location

The location is the first consideration when constructing a padel court. The court should be built on a level ground with good drainage.  Additionally, there must be sufficient space around the area to prevent balls from coming outside the court and hitting off  nearby buildings, roads, or pedestrians.  Also consider court positioning  on the site in question   in protecting players from the sun’s rays and the wind’s damaging effects.

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2- Foundation

The foundation is the most  important component of padel court construction. The stability of the court is ensured by a strong base, which prevents it from moving or falling.   The concrete Ring Beam  is the most common component  used for the foundation of a padel court. Stability is provided by this  concrete foundation, which must support the weight of  the court.

3- Fencing

Fencing is mandatory in the construction of a padel courts. The fence around the court acts as a perimeter and not only prevents the ball from going out but is in fact part of the  playing area. Metal, concrete , and glass are  some of the materials that can be used for fencing.  Galvanized steel is the most common material used holding the fencing together. Galvanized steel is strong, durable and low maintenance. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion, which we all know is essential for Irish outdoor courts.  

4- Surface

The surface of the padel court has a significant impact on both the performance of ball play  and the safety of the players. The floor should be smooth, even and have good traction. Artificial grass or turf  is what it is generally referred to is the most common surface material used for padel courts. Artificial grass is reliable, easy to maintain, and offers superior traction. It is also resistant to the elements, making it perfect for outdoor courts. Acrylic is another common surface material for padel courts. Because they require more maintenance tha n artificial turf, acrylic surfaces are more commonly used for indoor courts.   Under the turf we lay asphalt which is  (porus) .

A course  layer of asphalt is first laid on the base to provide stability and strength to the finer grade asphalt which is then laid on top of it, known as the base course.

5- Walls

The padel concept of play is provided by  court walls,  the  game is given an extra dimension by the walls, which allows the ball to bounce off them. It is important that the walls are solid, uniform and have a constant bounce. The most typical material used for padel court walls nowadays is glass providing  a solid, dependable, and lasting bounce. Additionally, some older courts have concrete walls, which sufficed for the non spectators but now it has become such an enjoyable sport to watch that the conversion to glass is somewhat of a gamechanger. 

6- Lighting

Lighting is incorporated into the padel court kit, it would be unusual to purchase a padel court without the lights to be included in the package.   Players can extend the hours of play  thanks to good lighting that is provided with the padel courts. The lighting ought to be strong enough to cast no shadows across the entire court,  for padel courts, LED lighting is most frequently used. LED lighting has many benefits, including being durable, producing bright, even light, and being  extremely energy efficient.

In conclusion, padel tennis is becoming more and more well-liked, and numerous padel courts are been constructed. If you’re considering building a padel court, it’s important to understand the materials that go into the process. The foundation, fencing, surface, walls, and lighting are all essential elements of a padel court. A firm foundation, galvanized steel fencing, artificial turf or acrylic surface, glass  walls, and LED lighting are among the most commonly  used elements in the construction of padel courts. By selecting the right materials, you can ensure that your padel court is safe, durable, and provides players with an enjoyable playing experience  with PCI (Padel Courts Ireland) for at least 25 years


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