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Dynamic Ball Feeding for Dynamic Training

Ball Machine for Padel

GEN.3 Shotgun Ball Machine for Padel

  • Battery operation up to 6 hours

  • High operational reliability

  • Remote control for quick selection of training programs and adjustments

  • With dynamic ball feeding technology

  • Preset training drills for padel programs:
    • Volleyball & bandeja
    • Volley mix
    • Overhead mix
    • Volley&overhead
    • Game play
    • Freestyle Mode (Make Your Own Settings)

  • Basket for up to 180 balls

  • Very easy to use for beginners

  • Weight: 32 kg

Ball Machine for Padel

Through dynamic ball feeding
technology, ball lengths and speeds
can be combined in the same
program to best simulate a match

Ball Machine for Padel
Ball Machine for Padel

Our goal with the SHOTGUN ball machine was to simulate the game in a training context so that the training did not become too static when using the SHOTGUN.

We developed dynamic ball feed. which allows us to combine output speeds, heights and angles in a combination that gives an advantage for training and that mimics game situations.

During our development period, we held interviews with selected clubs, professional players, beginners and coaches to build the best ball machine based on the wishes of the target group.

We made it our top priority to launch the most reliable ball machine, which would also not require much maintenance.

Clubs rent the the SHOTGUN per hour combined with the court hire as a bundle and new activity for players to buy. Venues with SHOTGUN have rapported a between 70-80 hours per month of
this activity

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