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Padel Covers

Dolan Padel Courts has recently launched Padel Covers allowing its customers to choose between two coverage solutions: fixed or retractable.  

Our covers stand out in the market for their magnificently exposed wood structure and their impressive height from 8 to 10 meters.  This feature not only allows for a higher level of play but also offers unique climatic comfort within the cover.

In traditional padel courts, height is often a limiting factor, narrowing the trajectory of high shots and affecting the overall dynamics of the game. 

However, our covers effectively eliminate these limitations, allowing players to engage in more intense and competitive play at the highest level.

The greater height also results in a larger air volume within the padel court, which facilitates better air circulation. This improved air exchange creates a more comfortable and healthy playing environment and ensures players can perform at their best. 

* Note Woodpad is one of the few companies that can cover an existing padel court without having to disassemble the structure to erect the cover

Woodpad Padel Covers (Italian)

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