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Our star court was originally developed by us and used in all international tournaments. The FULL PANORAMIC court, without corners (pillars), has been awarded as the best padel court in the world, designed for those clubs that want to offer their users a court of the highest performance. Perfect as indoor and outdoor padel court.

Full Panoramic

Padel court design
Padel court design

The RC10 PANORAMIC COURT is our 2023 model, a court designed for the Padel of the future. With corners added to the Full Panoramic version, it allows customization with more colour. It complies with the specifications of the International Padel Federation.

Panoramic RC10

The classic and most economical court. Ideal for the entire international market, easy installation, and low maintenance. A prime and muscular model, with high-quality finishes and details. Meets the specifications of the International Padel Federation.

V-PRO Classic

Padel court design
Padel court turf

Dolan Padel Courts is the sole supplier and installer of Sterling Turf in Ireland


We understand that padel court surface quality is extremely important and Dolan PCI looks to the latest technologies for all our court installations.


As Ireland’s climate is well known for its dampness and humidity, importing artificial grass from Spain is posing challenges,  resulting in sluggish and weighty surfaces, (not being able to smash the ball out of the court).  Recognising this issue, Sterling Turf has pioneered a revolutionary solution tailored for the Irish and UK markets - their innovative DTEX 8800- 1212g/sqm triple-backed artificial grass gives the surfaces the blend of a quick dry-out after rain, resilience & and fast ball performance  The triple-backed grass extends its guarantee from 3 to 5 years wear and tear. 

Artificial grass surface 

Padel court turf

Surface colours

Padel court design
RAL 3020
Padel court design
RAL 6005
Padel court design
RAL 5002
Padel court design
RAL 9005
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