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Padel court Ireland

V-PRO Classic

The classic and most economical court. Ideal for the entire international market, is easy to install and low maintenance. A prime and muscular model, with high-quality finishes and details. Meets the specifications of the International Padel Federation.

  • Outstanding reinforcements and thickness of all materials.

  • Easy installation and low maintenance

  • Meets International Padel Federation specifications.

V-PRO Classic

Padel court design
Padel court design

Padel court of 20×10 m. Made with galvanized steel structure painted or covered with baked polyester epoxy resin according to the characteristics of the technical specifications.


Electro-welded mesh galvanized 50x50x4mm with delivery without projections inside. Frame unions with threaded rods, washers, and rounded blind nuts in stainless steel.


The hollow double entrance door of 1.10 cm. Even poles, net. Finished by the provisions of the FIP on approval of materials. 80.60.2 pillars at the bottoms and sides, and double L-pillars 70.30.2 at 4 m high corners with custom corner butt termination and 80.60.2 at 3 m high intermediates, anchor plates 300x180x10 mm and 200x190x10 mm with 10 mm sheet metal brackets, with screws m14 or higher and metal plugs with a minimum length of 140 mm.


Fixing to the floor using “hilti” type plugs or similar, metal structural reinforcement brackets up to 0.5 meters in height on the base of glass support pillars, horizontal crossbars 1 m and 2 m 30x30x2mm for anti-buckling, sealing pillars top with PVC plugs.

The manufacturing processes of the structure of the MEJORSET padel courts are carried out by:

  • Laser: for cutting pieces with maximum precision and finishing.

  • Robotic welding: thus guaranteeing the quality of welding and thus preventing future oxidation of the pores.


Homologated 10 or 12 mm tempered glass, mounted on 5 mm neoprene to reduce vibration and breakage. reduce vibrations and breakage.

The manufacturing process of all this tempered glass is manufactured by a standardized production process and in accordance with UNE EN 12150-1.

Advantages of the tempered glass:

  • Ability to withstand tensile stress, with a higher resistance than that of annealed glass.

  • In case of breakage, the tempered glass disintegrates into small fragments that do not cause serious cutting or lacerating injuries, such as those that would be caused by the sharp edges of small pieces of annealed glass.

  • These characteristics make tempered glass a good choice for people's safety, especially since it does not break into sharp or large shards.

  • Tempered glass has four times the mechanical strength of annealed glass.


Padel court design
Padel court design

LED lighting with 8 spotlights of 150w or 200w is specially designed for our padel courts.

According to NIDE standards, the lighting of a paddle court will be uniform and in a way that does not hinder the vision of the players, the referee team, or the spectators.

We comply with the UNE EN 12193 standard "Lighting for sports facilities".

The advantages of LED projectors for Padel courts:

  • Instant on, so you can make the most of the player's time on the court, as opposed to traditional halide spotlights that take time to to reach their maximum luminosity.

  • Low heat emission, highly recommended for indoor paddle courts due to their small size.

  • Compliance with the lighting regulations of the International Padel Federation.

  • Energy saving, our LED projectors save up to 65% of energy compared to traditional halide bulbs.


The metallic elements are covered with a thermosetting powder polyester paint formulated with polyester resins. This finish, in a color desired by the client, provides these elements with good resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet rays, as well as being highly resistant to mechanical impacts .

Once the powder paint is applied electrostatically on the surface of the material, the pieces go to an oven where they are heated to a temperature between 180ºC-200ºC, in which polymerization occurs.

In coastal / maritime areas where salt fog is formed which, driven by the wind, generates conditions of high risk of corrosion. (especially in the first 100m), we apply a set of extra actions that involve protecting the metal structure of the track against corrosion.

The structure can be painted with the RAL that the client decides, optionally the track can be painted in 2 shades, for example the stalk of the spotlights can be in a different color.


Padel court design
Padel court design
  • Length: 20 m (internal dimensions of the game) 20.40 m (external dimensions of the court).

  • Width: 10 m (interior measurements of the game) 10.40 m (exterior measurements of the court)


Optionally this court can integrate a ring of portability, it does not require screws to anchor it to the ground.


Ideal for events or to install it in an area where it is not possible to drill holes. Example: on top of a tennis court.


Padel court design
Padel court design

Optionally you can buy:

  • Net protectors with custom logo

  • Protectors for the exits and net post, to avoid injury to the players.

  • Personalized spotlight staves

  • Protective nylon net on bottoms and / or sides to avoid the loss of balls.

  • Custom competition game net


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