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Video Camera (To Stream your Game)

Padel Camera, Sport Camera


  • High-speed camera sensor

  • Video resolution up to 4K resolution

  • Build-in GPU for video processing in real-time to display analytics for players

Padel Camera, Sport Camera

Live stream your game

GAMETRAQ® is designed and manufactured to use powerful AI technology to improve your game through Ai metrics.

Unleash real-time processing power Introducing the latest innovation in sports technology GAMETRAQ® AI camera is specially designed for racket sports enthusiasts, this ground-breaking camera is equipped with a powerful built-in GPU, which takes the sport to new heights by enabling real-time processing capabilities for players to use.

GAMETRAQ® By combining advanced computer vision algorithms and machine learning, this camera can automatically track the players and the ball's movements. This allows for instant analysis and feedback that players can use to understand the match.

GAMETRAQ® analyze all players on the court in order to see yours but also the competitors data to understand strengths and weaknesses in their play.

The Ai metrics service provides the players with meter counters, time in the transit zone, ball possession, heat-map, zone-map and a summary. AI metrics are the tool for players/coaches to understand the tactics and what improvements can be made.

Padel Camera, Sport Camera

AI metrics services

Experience AI generated video analysis for players & coaches so you base the match on facts. 

How does the player get the AI metrics analysis?

  • The purchase is made by scanning a QR code at the court

  • The player receives an SMS with a link to the Ai metrics analysis where the report is presented and can be shared ahead.

What are the advantages of the AI metrics analysis?

  • Base your game actions on facts instead of feelings

  • Coaches can use the Ai metrics to specialize drills for you

  • Players Increase more frequently to venues with GAMETRAQ to analyze their game

  • New revenue stream for clubs

  • Increases the attraction of your club with high-end technology

Players Pay 8 Euro a Game

Padel Camera, Sport Camera

Counts how many meters the players run

Padel Camera, Sport Camera

Shows exactly where the players have been on the court.

Padel Camera, Sport Camera

Shows how many foul shots each player makes

Padel Camera, Sport Camera

The time each player has been in the transit zone

Padel Camera, Sport Camera

Shows in % where the players have been on the court

Padel Camera, Sport Camera

Shows the player's ball possession distributed per team in percentage

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