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padmax padel courts

Padmax for Maintenance of Padel Courts

padmax padel courts maintenance

The Padmax

Dolan Padel Courts, your premier destination for top-quality padel courts and equipment, is pleased to announce the arrival of the Padmax VX2, available in June 2024. Designed to effortlessly maintain your court's playing surface, the Padmax VX2 is a game-changer. Its innovative wheels reach into all corners of the court to distribute the sand evenly and prevent glass damage. The ergonomic handle design, combined with high-quality and expertly mixed brushes, ensures superior performance. Fully developed and manufactured in Sweden, the Padmax VX2 represents the pinnacle of padel court maintenance technology.

Our courts are constructed using the finest materials, guaranteeing durability and optimal play conditions, so to maintain this quality, regular upkeep is essential. You have two options: take advantage of Dolan Padel Courts' biannual call-out service or take matters into your own hands with the Padmax VX2. This revolutionary machine not only redistributes sand evenly across the court but also brushes the grass fibres in the same direction, ensuring perfect ball bounce every time, no clumps of sand to blame for uneven ball bounces.

Unlike traditional brushes, which require hard work, time and lack precision, the Padmax VX2 is the ideal tool for court maintenance. With just 10 minutes of use per week, you can watch your court come to life, delivering optimal bounce and extending the turf's lifespan to a minimum of five years.

Contact us at Dolan Courts for a demonstration of the Padmax VX2 for your pristine padel court that performs at its best. Experience the satisfaction of professional-grade maintenance with Dolan Padel Courts' latest innovation.

padmax padel courts maintenance
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