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What are the most common mistakes to avoid when building a padel court?

Would you Build one in your Garden ?…..Padel Courts Ireland have seen an enormous rise in the popularity for the construction of private courts. More and more people are interested in constructing their own padel court in their back gardens as the latest must haves ! Padel Court Installation in Ireland is more difficult than it first appears, and there are several mistakes that people frequently make that can wind up losing them time and money.

In this blog, we’ll review the most common blunders to avoid when constructing a padel court.

First Mistake:

Not comprehending to the Padel Federation Code of Building

When installing a padel court in Ireland, it is essential to consider our harsh winter climate, therefore proper court selection, the location of the walls also location of trees for their roots & leaf falling (on to the court) . The International Padel Federation and SAPCA code of practise has established the rules of padel court construction , which must be adhered to for the court to be installed properly. Ensuring the padel court is constructed using the proper spec which includes the proper materials, tools, including the right court surface, ball stop fencing, is crucial.


Drains should consist of perforated plastic pipes, laid in the bottom of well-formed trench, backfilled with clean, graded stone. Drains should be laid to falls of not less than 1:200 and be connected to soakaways or other suitable drainage system.

After installing the backfill, lay the geo-textile on the soil or backfilled surface across the entire court. The purpose of geotextile is to separate the natural subsoil (or backfill) and the crushed stone of the sub-base. By doing this is possible to secure that the layer of the crushed stone does not mix with the natural subsoil (or backfill) during later infilling of crushed stone. Such separation of layers also ensures that the crushed stone base drains well.

Second Mistake:

Not taking into account the location of the Padel Court.

Another typical error is failing to consider the court’s location when constructing a padel court in Ireland. The location of the court can have a big impact on How Long it takes to Install and How much it will Cost.

For instance, additional work may be needed to level the ground before construction can start if the court is built on uneven terrain. The court’s position can also influence how much sunlight and shade it receives, impacting how well the game is played during low winter sun and high summer sunshine.

It is important to consider tree roots adjacent to the site, also aspects like accessibility, sunlight, shade.

Third Mistake:

Not hiring a professional Team for your Padel Courts installation

Installing a padel court is difficult and demands particular knowledge and abilities. That is not a task that anyone can perform on their own. It is crucial to hire a professional to construct the padel court to guarantee that it is constructed to standards and complies with all safety criteria. (Eurocodes)

Professional Architect, Excavators, Tarmacadem layers, have the training, tools, and skills required to build a high-caliber padel court that satisfies all requirements. PCI will project manage the Architect, Excavators, and Tarmacadem contractors to ensure the groundswork is fit for the court. The next step is Padel Court Deluxe Team will arrive over from Spain to inspect the court and after sign off will send over 4 fitters to build the court (taking approx 3 days).

Fourth Mistake:

Not taking maintenance costs into account

Many people overlook the maintenance of the court. To be honest it is almost maintenace free but there is sand brushing which should include addition of sand (depending on the amount of play on a court) we suggest quarterly. Padel courts need routine upkeep to be in good shape.

Fifth Mistake:

Not taking the size of the court into account

Another important aspect to consider when building a padel court in Ireland is its size. The normal size of a padel court is 10 by 20 meters, and its important not to cut corners, like every sport there is a recommended size court and any smaller or larger is not acceptable. A court that is too small can make play less enjoyable, while a court that is too big will add to the construction costs.

Conclusion by Padel Courts Ireland

It’s a great thrill for us padel enthusists to see more and more courts being built here in Ireland but having knowledge of the Do’s & Dont’s of constructing a Padel Courts, is important to prevent mistakes that can wind up wasting time and money. When installing a padel court, it is important to understand to adhere to the PFI & LTA, & Eurocodes also keep in mind the rules of padel play, select the correct location, work with a professional team of padel builders, consider the upkeep costs, and ensure the court is the suitable size. These are all important considerations.

By avoiding these typical errors, You can ensure that your padel court is installed to the correct specifications and will offer years of high-quality play. It might be expensive to build a padel court, but with careful planning and execution, it can also be a great asset for both private, leisure clubs, hotels & golf clubs to consider. :


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